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Effective Managerial Skills Course Effective Managerial Skills Course

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 04-08-2018

+ Overview

A skill is an acquired and learned ability to translate knowledge into performance. It is the competency that allows for performance to be superior in the field in which the worker has the required skill. All managers need to possess technical, interpersonal, conceptual, diagnostic, communicational and political skills. While technical and diagnostic skills refer to the knowledge and ability of understanding the processes involved and scientifically analyzing problems and opportunities, all other skills deal with people in one form or the other. These human skills are the most important assets of any successful manager.
The participant will leave this program with the insight and knowledge they need to not only be an effective manager but also build an effective team or group of staff.

+ Outlines

The main outlines for the 6 knowledge areas of this program are as follows:

Module One: What is Leadership and what is expected from Leaders? (6 hours)
• How leadership drives employee engagement
• Finding your core purpose
• Your five sources of power
• Formula for success in life and as a leader
• The role of emotional intelligence in leadership success
• Examining the “Situational Leadership Model” and “Maslows Hierarchy of Needs”

Module Two: Leading and Managing Change (6 hours)
• Understanding why most change initiatives fail
• Perceptions of change affecting outcomes
• The four levels of readiness for change
• The role of knowledge and viewpoint on affecting individual behavior
• The four dynamics of change
• Change management process

Module Three: Delegation and Listening Skills (6 hours)
• Understanding how to delegate effectively
• Enhancing your listening skills
• How language in the workplace has changed
• Performance management ladder
• How to improve your skills in giving and receiving feedback

Module Four: An Inspiring Leader and a Smart Strategist: Enhancing Personal and
Organizational Creativity (6 hours)
• Using creativity to solve complex problems, facilitate innovation and drive change
• Building a competitive advantage by encouraging a creative culture
• Implementing a methodology that overcomes barriers to innovative thinking
• Reframing problems, making new challenging assumptions

Module Five:Bringing the Best out of Yourself and Your Team (6 hours)
• Understanding behavioral styles
• Switching off ‘automatic-response’ to create better outcomes
• Developing the best approach to bring the best out of your team
• Why conflict occurs and how to manage it when it happens
• Gaining a better understanding of your preferred communication style
• Understanding how to quickly identify others preferred communication style andhow to better communicate to improve organizational performance

Module Six:
Emotional Intelligence Part I – Dealing with Conflict (3 hours)
• Recognizing how emotions drive behaviors
• Understanding the difficulty in managing one’s own emotions, and the emotions ofthose around you
• How to manage and interpret information and appropriate levels of reactions
• Becoming more aware of your unconscious behaviors and how to effectivelymanage emotions and make conscious decisions for future behaviors

Emotional Intelligence Part II - Retraining Your Brain with AssertiveCommunication Skills (3 hours)
• How Special Forces train their personnel to remain calm and be decisive in stressfulsituations
•Recognizing the cycle of how emotions drive behaviors and build habits
• Becoming more aware of unconscious behaviors to do a pattern interrupt fordifferent outcomes
• Retraining your brain to develop habits that will get different outcomes
• Enhancing your ability to handle moments of tension to gain genuine awareness ofbehaving how you choose to behave

+ Key Benefits

•    Understanding how leadership drives employees engagement
•    Understanding why most change initiatives fail
•    Change management process
•    How to delegate effectively
•    Greater listening skills
•    How to improve your skills in giving and receiving feedback
•    Using creativity to solve complex problems
•    How to encourage a creative culture
•    Understanding behavioral styles
•    Recognizing how emotions drive behavior

+ Participants' Profile

The Effective Managerial Skill program is designed to provide managers whether newly appointed or experienced it will provide you with the knowledge you need to be more effective at handling managerial tasks, situations and your team or staff

+ Instructors' Profile

The instructors that deliver the Effective Managerial Skills program have many years of practical experience in addition to managing team and organizations at the highest level both locally and international.

+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises
Duration: 36 hours
Schedule: Twice a week from 18:00 to 21:00 or once a week on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00
Registration Requirements: Registration, copy of graduation certificate, copy of ID and 2 photos